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12 December, 2008

We're a close family


11 December, 2008

I am so very, very old

I saw this display at the gas station this afternoon, and I thought, "What an intersting idea, a roll of paper for writing notes--Neat!" No comment.


09 December, 2008

Just Say It

Aww. . .

03 December, 2008

Rest in Peace, sister


02 December, 2008

Film at 11:00

One of the benefits of having a puppy is watching how my old dogs respond.

Dinah, the 106 pound, ten year-old labrador retriever has been frightened. She runs out of the room when Bess shows any interest in her.

Alice, the eleven year-old hound dog has not been frightened, but she is often crabby and disinterested.

But yesterday, Bess gave the girls a lesson in playing. They actually romped around the yard a little bit. It is a true joy to watch the old gals re-learning how to stick their butts up in the air and paw the puppy with glee.

I may post a video as soon as I get my camera back.