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28 January, 2009

My Man (I love him so)

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21 January, 2009


Dinah and Bess playing dinosaur (a favorite game).


Catching up

Hello, my darlings! First, I want to thank all of you for your sweet messages of concern and interest in my absence.

It has been an eventful month!

As most (all?) of you know, I moved out of Susan's house at the beginning of November. When people would ask me why, I had several answers, but it took me awhile to know why, myself.

I think I needed to get away to realize that Susan was not my problem. My problem was me. Within a week of leaving I had stopped some of my most self destructive behavior and I started some big work on me.

In the mean time, Susan and I started talking. And talking. I realized that if I wanted to learn how to love someone, it might be a good idea to work with the person I already loved.

And, though I don't want to speak for her, I think Susan decided that life with me was better than life without me.

So, we are together again, and I'm very happy. We are still living in our separate houses, and that may be the way it works for us. It's working now, anyway.

Heidi did come for Christmas, and it was a great visit. We had such fun hanging out and working out together.

And we have a new president!

Life is good.