"I am playing with myself,
I am playing with the world's soul,
I am the dialogue between myself and el espiritu del mundo.
I change myself, I change the world."

Gloria AnzaldĂșa

21 January, 2009


Dinah and Bess playing dinosaur (a favorite game).


Ginaagain said...

Gracie and George love that game. Every once in awhile I get on the floor and growl too.

phd in yogurtry said...

ooh, I dig your new pic (header).

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...


we_be_toys said...

Vicious dinos! They are very cute puppies!
BTW, love the new header - great pic!

Sojourner said...

Hey! I saw my Christmas present on your coffee table! Cool!

Buddy and Lucy play this game,too. Also, Lucy likes to be dinosaur to the kittties as well.