My Artistic Endeavors (or what I'm doing when I should be grading papers)

This is my friend Patty's dog. See? Doesn't the camera take a nice little video? And Doesn't the professor have a lovely voice?

And this is why I get happy when I'm walking.


Wow, your floors are GLEAMING! Sorry, was that totally off topic?

Super cute doggie, and yes, very good quality video :)

JCK said…
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JCK said…
I, too, was quite impressed with the cleanliness of said abode and floors. This, of course, coming from someone who detaches Cheerios daily from assorted chairs, carpet and floor.

Very cute doggies and yes, QUITE the lovely voice, Professor J!
Mrs. G. said…
You never told us you could sing. You do have a lovely voice. All of this doggy footage warmed my heart. Your girls look so happy.
Cheri said…
Well, I'm off topic too, but I like the new blog masthead.

Lovely pooches!
I'm trying to talk my husband into getting a dog. He's unconvinced.

I'm wondering if either of these videos will convince him.

Gorgeous pooches!
Sojourner said…
You go Professor J! I always appreciated your voice. Especially when accompanied by your guitar playing.

All the doggies look very happy! And man that toy takes some terrific video!
anne said…
What nice pooches. I love the tails wagging in the walking video.

I always sing to my dogs too.
K. said…
What fun videos, a little slice of your life. What a great new toy you've got there!
Julie Pippert said…
There's quite a few levels of wow in this, but I think most everyone else already commented on them.

Wagging doggie haunches and tails make me smile everytime.
we_be_toys said…
What cute doggies! I see you're putting your new video toy through its paces. What fun!
I'm amazed the two dogs didn't completely switch sides while walking - I thought all dogs did that!
Lovely new banner. The dog on the right looks like a beagle, but a bit too large. A mix, perhaps?
Scout said…
Awww, I want a dog. My cats don't take walks. And yes, the professor has a lovely voice.
Mike Golch said…
great video.I will not trade my Harvey(the cat see catnap interuptus on my site)for any thing except maybe to have my cookie back.She was a shepard mix that did not have a mean bone in her body.
Oh, I do love doggies! I'd be happy walking behind/above/alongside that, too.
Starshine said…
I linked to you from Mrs. G's blog. As an "expat" of Texas, I LOVE your bluebonnet header!
apathy lounge said…
I love it that you sing to animals! You and my husband would be great in a duet. He loves making up songs about our dogs and cats.

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