Reach out and touch faith

I know this seems an odd video for Valentine's day, but hear me out.

I was driving along the other day and listening to this song on my ipod. And I was thinking about my friends--the women who are on the other side of a phone or an email--the women who make it possible for me to reach out and touch faith. I'm really lucky, I think, although most of my dearest friends live a long distance from me. And so, today, I am going to introduce my blog friends to my BFF's.

I think the BFF I've known the longest (and someone who is familiar to many of you) is

Michelle (aka Sojourner).
Michelle and I have known each other since 1982, I think. 1981? While she lives in frigid Omaha, and it's been more than ten years since I've seen her, she and I still talk and instant message fairly frequently. This friend has the distinct honor of being the only friend I have who is actually shorter than me.

The next BFF disappeared from my life for a couple of years, but she recently emailed me and we've reconnected. This is an old picture of my friend Tanith at Big Bend National Park. We took a vacation there one very cold December (well, it was cold at night). When we spoke last week, I said, "I thought I'd lost you." "You can never lose me," she replied. It's a good thing.

BFF #3 (this is chronological, by the way, not in any order of importance--how can you rank the people you love?) is Gini.(pictured here with my dog Alice).
Gini lives in Joliet IL now, and I am horrible about keeping in touch with her, but I do love this woman. She has been a great friend and saved my life and my sanity more than a few times when I was taking care of Mom.

Of course, most of you know BFF#4


As with all the women above, Heidi has loved me through the best and the worst that life can bring. I cannot imagine life without my many best friends. I simply don't know that I could survive the slings and arrows without them.

Speaking of arrows, I would be remiss if I did not mention the BFF who was brought to me with cupid's arrow.
Susan and I have been together now for three years (with time off for bad behavior). She has been generous and loving to me and has been a "forgiver," as the song says. Life with her is often richer than I could possibly imagine. And when it's not? It's still rich. And we're never bored!

I have been blessed with many friends who make my life sweet. Many of you are reading this post. But these five women. . . well, these five women are my valentines.

With all of my heart, dears.


Mike Golch said…
Great posting,my dear(even thought we have never met) friend.
It was wonderful to find that you and Susan are working things through. I'm happy for you. And that so have so many other great friends is just icing on the cake!
What a lovely tribute to all your valentines.
Rima said…
You gotta have friends.

P.S. I'll bet I'm shorter than you!!!
Cha Cha said…
What a lovely post! Your gratitude is contagious. :)
Mrs. G. said…
Wow, five valentines. You are one lucky woman.
Nora said…
I think everyone should have five Valentines. Yay!
Irish Goddess said…
Oh how I love Johnny Cash. And the slip in of Keith Richards was an extra special bonus.
I'm glad you're around.
apathy lounge said…
You are one lucky girl/woman/lady/female to have FIVE such people in your life. Such support and love is rare and wonderful.
Sojourner said…
Thanks, Sweetie! Sorry this is so late- but Happy Valentine's day to you too.
This did not come up on my Reader! WTFrick? I wondered about you, so I popped over for a peak. I'm so glad I did because I'm glad to meet your BFFs and I'm partial to BFF #1 myself. She's my blog BFF!

What a nice post!

Now I'm off to fiddle with my Google Reader. (That sounded weird.)
we_be_toys said…
Awww! What a sweet and lovely valentine! There is always room to love another, isn't there?
Happy Belated Valentines' Day Professor!
Saucy said…
Hello and happy belated Valentine's Day to five lovely, lucky recipients and also to Alice, so that makes six.
JCK said…
What a lovely Valentine to your friends!

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