Happy Birthday to Bess!

Today is the day we celebrate Bess the wonder dog's first birthday. Here she is with her penguin.

Tonight we will watch The First Wives Club and eat brownies with cream cheese. Well, Bess, Dinah, and Alice will have Beggin' Strips; Wren and I will have brownies.


Happy Birthday to Bess!

Mmmmm. Brownies.
Happy Birthday! I hope she likes the movie.
Mike Golch said…
Sounds like a great plan to me.
pattycooper said…
Thanks for the comment on the light bulb painting. Hope you had a fun night with the birthday girl and friends!
Moontiger said…
Happy Birthday, my favorite puppy! Snuggles from Alaska... for everyone.
phd in yogurtry said…
Happy 1st Birthday, Bess! Now, pass me a brownie .. please!
katydidnot said…
ick beggin strips.

yum brownies.

though i am no a dog.
JCK said…
What a beautiful doggie. And I"m getting hungry for brownies with cream cheese...
K. said…
Happy Belated to the pretty puppy!

I wanted to let you know that I've blog jumped. "she's in transition" will no longer be updated, henceforward you can find me (if you so desire) at "ish": http://ish-y.blogspot.com/
Sojourner said…
I think I wished her a happy birthday on the phone, no? I want a brownie.

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