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I was looking at the blog after I posted yesterday, and I realized I post once a year. That's just sad. I also realized, as I looked back at some old stuff, that I miss the women I used to read about and talk to in this format. Some of us are on Facebook together, but not all.

I'm bucking the trend, I know. Just last week Mrs. G said she was done with the Manor (sad sigh). But what the heck?

So I think I'm going to start writing and reading blog posts again. Who are you reading these days? Who should I add to that list over on the right hand side of the blog? Would you consider posting more, too, dear readers? Facebook is wonderful for the daily (all right several times a day) peeks into the lives and thoughts of my friends, but it is not enough. It is not a format for a real discussion of life and all its "hills and valleys" as Cheri said today. I want to know about the hills and valleys.

I know I'm always making promises to myself that I don't keep. "I am going to blog every day." "I am going to write a poem every day." So I won't be making any promises of that nature just yet. I just know I'm going to sweep out some of the cobwebs and see about settling into this place again for awhile.

And I really want those reading suggestions, okay?


I love this. I took an extended blogging break, as you know. I kept hearing that blogging is dead. Sure, the landscape has changed because that's what landscapes do, but it's still here. I've been slowly poking around and finding that there is still a community here. I'm glad we can be poking around together again. Woot!
Also, I just typed the "prove you're not a robot" words into the place where I was supposed to type my name. My blogging and commenting skills are clearly quite rusty and/or I've gone doolally. Probably both. XOXOXO!
Karen Jensen said…
I think you are the one who got me thinking about blogging again! Love being here with you Cheri!
I miss the community and the stories so much--and I am so grateful to be doing the writing I do in other spaces--and blogging daily has enabled me to have that skill set.

Hanging out once in a while is better than never hanging out at all, right?!
Karen Jensen said…
You bet it does, Jenn!
smalltownme said…
I'm still around, more or maybe just a little less...as I've run out of small children I am left with less to talk about! Glad to see more blog friends coming back!
Karen Jensen said…
I'm just glad some of you stuck it out!
I had much more time to blog (reading and writing both) when I was a Stay-At-Home-Mom, and more importantly, when my husband stayed at work! Now I try to remember to post something a few times a month. I'm glad that facebook has allowed us to stay in touch.
Karen Jensen said…
I hear you, Karen. Me too.
It is awesome that your intelligent and insightful self is BACK :)

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