Because I haven't posted in awhile and this looked like fun

Here's a meme I got from Organic Mama. It's fun, even if it has an inconsistent point of view.

110. My middle name is: Jean

109. I was born in: Jackson, Mississippi

108. I am really: silly

107. My phone is: a hot pink razr

106. My eye color is: green or blue or some combination

105. My favorite colors are: green, blue, red, orange

104. My ring size is: huge

103. My height is: 5 foot 1

102. I am allergic to: shell fish

101. I was born on: December 20

100. I am annoyed by: stupidity and bad grammar

99. Last book you read: How to Re-Imagine the World: a pocket guide for practical visionaries by Anthony Weston

98. My bed is…queen sized, dressed in red

97. One thing you hate about yourself: irritability

96. My favorite holiday is: Thanksgiving

95. The perfect kiss is: soft, sweet, long

94. The last three CDs I bought were: James Taylor, The Weepies, Paul Simon (but this is over a couple of years—I mostly buy individual songs off of I Tunes)

93. Are you living at home: my own

92. Are your parents divorced: Since I was four—both are deceased, too.

91. What did you do yesterday: Washed the floors, graded papers, taught evening classes, watched tv.

Do you believe in…

90. Love at first sight: Yes

89. Luck: not as a life strategy

88. Fate: No

87. Yourself: Yes

86. Aliens: Yes. Haven’t seen them yet, but I’m pretty sure we can’t be all there is.

85. Heaven: right here

84. Hell: right here, next to heaven

83. Ghosts: why not

82. Horoscopes: no, but I read them for fun

81. Soulmates: yes

Which is Better?

80. Hugs or Kisses: Yes

79. Drunk or High: neither, though I don't mind a pleasant buzz

78. Phone or Online: online

77. Red heads or Black hair: red heads

76. Blondes or Brunettes: brunettes

75. Hot or cold: cold (you can always put on more clothes)

74. Summer or winter: Fall and spring!

73. Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate

72. Night or Day: day

71. Oranges or Apples: Apples

70. Curly or Straight hair: I like curly—I have straight

Here’s What I Think About…

69. Abortion: Pro-choice

68. Backstabbers: I don’t get it.

67. Parents: Loved my mom—miss her every day.

When did you last…

66. Hug someone: minutes ago

65. Kiss someone: same as above

64. See someone: same as above

63. Cry in front of someone: yesterday


62. Who is the ditsiest person you know: me

61. Who makes you laugh the most: Morgan and Joel the cat

60. The last movie you saw in theaters: Love in the Time of Cholera

59. What I don’t understand is: Apathy

58. The most unsatisfactory answer I’ve ever received is: “There’s nothing we can do about it, anyway.”

57. Something I will really miss when I leave home is: I left home and then came back to care for my mother until her death. I miss her voice.

56. The thing that I’m looking forward to the most: Winter break!

55. The thing that I’m not looking forward to is: grading finals

54. Tomorrow: My first final exam

53. Today: keep grading, blog, go to costco for dog food and my last christmas gift

52. Next Summer: I’d like to travel a little with Susan

51. This Weekend: my friend Patty’s Christmas concert

50. People call me: mommy #2, professor, sweetheart, kitten, bear

49. The most difficult thing to do is: I’m stealing this from Organic Mamma: fight apathy!

48. I have gotten a speeding ticket: once when the speedometer in my vw bug was spinning like a top.

47. The first person I talked to today was: the dogs. Oh, person? Susan

46. First time I had a crush: Susie B. (a different person than this Susie) –kindergarten through third grade or so

45. The one person from whom I can’t hide things: Susan

44. Last time someone said what you were thinking: Last night, talking to my old friend Michelle

43. Right now I am talking to: Myself

42. What is your dream job: instructor of English at local U (I stole this from O.M., too, but it is my dream job, and it is my job)

41. First job: shelling pecans and selling them

40. I want most: my life. Just as it is. And maybe an rv for future travels.

39. I wish: life will stay this sweet

38. The worst sound in the world is: a tight, angry voice

37. The person that makes me cry the most: Susan

36. Best sound in the world: laughter

35. Person[s] who makes you happy: my family, my friends, some of my students

34. Cats or dogs: dogs, then cats

33. Didn’t want to be: prone to self-doubt

32. Which Golden Girl would you be: don’t remember. Is that a bad sign?

31. MySpace or Facebook: neither

30. Mexican food or Chinese? mexican

29. My favorite piece of clothing:an orangey red vest

28. My favorite color(s): we did this

27. Last time I cried: we did this, too

26. My friends are: the thing that makes life possible

25. My computer is: my biggest addiction

24. Last person at whom I got mad: myself

23. Person on whom I secretly crush: oh, heck, this is embarrassing, but it would have to be Rachel Ray

22. Favorite Song: “Slow Pony Home” the Weepies

21. Paper or plastic: plastic—so I can use the bag to pick up dog poo

20. The all-time best movie(s) I’ve seen: Babette’s Feast

19. The all-time best feeling in the world is: the deep, to the marrow, feeling of contentment and love when I am with my family (O.M. said it better than I would)

18. Favorite scent(s): coffee

17. What color is your hairbrush: black

16. Favorite shoes: tennis shoes

15. I lose all respect for people who: don’t vote

14. Color of your room: yellow grey / gold

13. TV channels you watch: too many

12. Best feature: my eyes (the fat girl answer)

11. Worst habit:I procrastinate

10. The worst pain I was ever in was: recovering from bone graft surgery

9. Best memory: falling in love

8. Favorite TV show: Pushing Daisies

7. My favorite celebrity couple is: none of them

6. Favorite stuffed animal: any of them

5. My weakness is: chocolate

4. What I like about the opposite sex is: That I can tease my male students

3. Who broke your heart: Mama

2. One thing that makes me feel great is: cuddling

1. One person that you wish you could see right now: there are three: Gini, Heidi, Michelle (alphabetical order)


Mrs. G. said…
Great meme, Professor J. We share many of the same opinions. No big surprise there. I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who wakes up and talks to their animals.
This is a good meme! I agree with lots of your answers...

like laughter being the best sound in the world, love chocolate, too. Hate self-doubt...

But Mexican food over Chinese? Noooooo....Professor J, you must come to Toronto when I'm back and I'll try to change your mind :)

Mary Alice said…
I kinda have a crush on Rachael Ray myself...she's so no nonsense and always seems happy.
thebluetwin said…
Great answers and nice to see how much we agree on! Thank you for the kind words.
I'm looking at your comments and Heidi in Toronto wrote about Chinese food in Toronto - there are some EXCELLENT places there. Toronto (or Terrano, as pronounced by Canadians) is not as cool as Montreal, but it's fabulous.

I talk to my dogs all the damn time and I wish, with what's been going on with my pair, that they could talk back; my male is getting uppity as my female approaches her second heat and he's making me nuts.

Eek: bone graft surgery? Why?

Finally, laughter IS the best sound in the world.
Mrs. T said…
Fun meme, Profesor J! Will have to steal- very high form of flattery in the blogosphere.
Julie Pippert said…
Oh my gosh I'm just so impressed you not only answered all of those (and succinctly!) but did so interestingly!

85 and 84...AMEN (pun intended).

Using My Words
K. said…
You're lovely. And your answer to Luck just made my day, I'm not even sure why.
Christine said…
I talk to my animals when I wake up, and all day long. I LOVE hearing my kids do the same thing, echo my sentiments to the furry family members.
JCK said…
This was fun. It must have taken you at least a week to write it all. :)

I like to hear that your silly. And someday I hope you get your dream job. It sounds great!

I also love the sound of laughter and spend all too much time buying dog food (and other things!)at Costco.
Melanie said…
I find it very brave that you admitted to a Rachael Ray crush. Very brave.

In the spirit of embarrassing disclosure, I will tell you this: my first crush was on Captain Stubing from The Love Boat.

As you were.

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