The Year that Was: Jobs

Well, I wrote all about this in my Christmas letter, but since most of my bloggy friends aren't on my list, I thought I would go over some of the main events of 2007 as I prepare to enter into a new year with new hopes and dreams. So, here goes.

2007 began with the usual fanfare at the usual time. I wanted more than anything to continue moving forward in my relationship with Susan and to continue to improve in my job/career.

To start things off with a bang I got fired decided to make a career change in February.

I should mention here that I wasn't really fired, I was just informed that I would not be offered a contract for 2007/2008. There's a big difference. For one thing, I still had a salary. Nice thing, that. And I had some time to plan. Also nice.

I was the chair of the developmental writing program at a local university. I was teaching many (7) sections, supervising other people, and attending meetings around the clock regularly. It was really a drag. I was especially not fond of supervising other teachers. While I had good relationships with most of them, I had one particular instructor who made life difficult for me.

One good thing about getting fired deciding to make a change is that I spent a good deal of time thinking about what I'd like to do in the near future. I looked at becoming a technical writer or working in business as a writer, editor, public relations person.

I thought, I wrote, I talked, I brainstormed, I read inspirational books-- I even put in applications at some big companies. But I kept coming back to the fact that I love teaching.

So, I wrote to some old friends and I ended up getting a full time position offered me at UTSA. Go Roadrunners!

I had worked at UTSA in the past, and I also got my Master's degree there, so it was a homecomming in many ways. One great advantage is that I get to work for my old friend Judy. She rocks.

Judy's been ill lately, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to spend some time with her. Of course, Judy is so tough that she comes to work after her chemotherapy and radiation treatments, so she'll undoubtedly outlive me. But it's good to have the time together, nevertheless.

I am also working in the evening and online for the University of the Incarnate Word (go Cardinals),

so I have plenty of work to keep me off the streets and out of the pool halls. It turns out that I am still teaching seven sections, but now I don't have administrative duties. Wh00t!

Don't ask why I'm attracted to schools with bird mascots--really, I have no idea.


I'm loving your new banner. And your summary of the past year. Way to rise above the challenges that life throws at you!

Happy Even Better New Year!

Heidi :)
Julie Pippert said…
Great new banner!

And what a year...fantastic turnaround for you.

That is something I will have to accomplish is 2008, too.

It is time to fish or cut bait for me.

Using My Words
Love the banner, love the conversation heart, and love that the old girl's network came through for you. Here's to rewarding teaching challenges in the next year.
Mrs. G. said…
Way to rebound, Professor J. I tend to crumble under these types of circumstances, so I admire your resolve to just keep on truckin' until you found the perfect job.

Pacific Northwest healing vibes being sent to Judy!
anne said…
What a year you had! And way to roll with the punches.

I'm a big believer in "everything for a reason" and I thinks it's great you have the opportunity to spend time with a good friend.
slouching mom said…
good on you! like julie, this is my year to sh*t or get off the pot. as it were.
Lawyer Mama said…
So that's what a roadrunner really looks like!
Meredith said…
Awesome! You had a great year! I hope 2008 is good to you too (you know, without the firing).
JCK said…
Thanks for sharing all this Professor J. It seems that whenever one is thrown an unexpected curve and you have to wade through the muck and discomfort, when you come out the other side there are new opportunities and excitement that you never would have found otherwise. Good for you! And hooray for your journey. I've loved being a reader on your blog and I also think your new banner rocks!

Sending healing thoughts to Judy!
Hope said…
First time on your blog, but glad I showed up. also think its great how you persevered and followed your heart. Getting paid to write and teach writing...what's that like??Smile.
Claire B. said…
Oh, you totally rock. The conversation heart, the bird mascots, the rolling with the punches thing. You make it look and sound easy. This will be a year of huge transition for me, so I may bother you for some advice on coping skills!

Happy, Happy New Year to you and Susan and Morgan!
Misty said…
going through the insanity of our past year, I read your letter and thought "WOW! It all sounds so simple!"
you make it sound delightfully easy, which i find completely exciting!

But really, glad for the back story and that you have found something fulfilling and wonderful!
Irish Goddess said…
Your friend Judy looks so beautiful - like one of those women I want to be when I grow up!
Being laid off myself, it's great to hear how other professional women deal with it. I, too, am trying to make the best of it and I hope it works out as well for me as it seems to for you. Happy new year!
AB said…
Wow! You're just like a cat who lands on her feet when dropped. I envy that!
Grandy said…
Here's hoping things "fly" your way in 2008 Professor!!! I envy your tenacity. ;)
Well I'm glad you've managed to stay off the streets and out of the pool halls. We simply cannot have that happen.

In my case, it's off the streets and out of the craft and hardware stores. When I embark on a new project, my husband gets nervous (rightfully so).
It's important to have faith that when a door closes a window opens. Last year, my husband was fired after 19 years with the same company. Since he's the sole breadwinner for our (large) family it could have been very stressful. But I focused, as you did, on the fact that he had not been happy there and maybe this was the universe giving him a kick in the pants. It was. Just as with you--new job=greater happiness. Congrats on getting back to what you really love the most.

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