Final Exams

While my day time students find themselves stuck with the usual final exams, my evening students--who are adult returning students--get the special treatment. Our final exams are always at a local restaraunt featuring really good margaritas.

This is the life!


anne said…
I've always found that a good margarita aids the testing process. It caused a little bit of trouble with my SAT's but that's another story.

Seriously though, what a nice thing! You students must really enjoy and appreciate having you as a teacher.
When I was an undergrad, I would look at the returning students with pity. Now I am a returning student...and this is the life!

JCK said…
You know...I've been thinking about taking some night classes....
Nicole ( said…
I think by the end of the semester both students and professor could use a nice big margarita!
Wow. You need to change your blog name to Professor Best's Place.
Mrs. G. said…
Me thinks me needs to do some learning with Professor J...and her trusty TA, Cuervo Gold.
I'm going to enroll next semester.
Janet said…
Now that's the kind of final exam I'D like!!!
Mary Alice said…
Why oh why aren't YOU MY professor?
Julie Pippert said…
Wow, and I felt lucky to get to have class outside on nice days. Margaritas? Well it seems redundant to say but looks like fun!

Using My Words
Tui said…
Sounds like my kind of exam! :)

I worked at a dental office once, where the dentist would save up the old gold from people's crowns, and use that to take the staff out for dinner and margaritas.
See you next term!

I'm totally signing up.

How've you been? Hope exams aren't stressing you out.
Misty said…
I want to come to your class!!!! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by my place with a hug! I appreciate it. Your blog is great, and I will be back... Unless you find me there in TX learning from you and holding out for my final & Tequila. :)
Melanie said…
Wow. Margaritas + Higher Learning = Genius. Is this a Texas thing?

When you go to university in Idaho, they give you a small, boiled potato to keep you warm while you take final exams.
Zenmomma said…
Looks like you guys has a blast!

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