Still Drowning

I'm about mid-way through that pile of papers (okay, more like a server full of documents), but I had to share this with you. Jozet sent it to me, and you know how I heart her.

I was lecturing the other day and I said, "I am not endorsing any political candidate," and one of my students said, "Oh yeah? I've read your blog!" Busted.


Cheri said…

I heart her too. And you.
Cheri said…
I'm still watching the video.


Was there actually a Lorena Bobbitt comparison?

Oh, and now I've just found out that she won the senate race in New York because she was pitied.
Mike Golch said…
great video.and to me this race for the Dem nomination id turning into an Abbott and Costello routine."who's on first......"
Mike Golch said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
GeekLove08 said…
Thank you for taking the time to create a blog post on the video "Mad as Hell/Bitch".

The video was created by two grassroots supporters who met online, IndyRobin and GeekLove08. It took 4 weeks to create the video as we were collaborating via e-mail and we had a lot of material to work with. Both of us are fairly new to YouTube-- I started to create videos in February and this was IndyRobin's first video.

We believe that the message of misogyny, as well as the character assassination of Hillary Clinton, by the media is an important one. We are "mad as hell" that television has become what Edward R. Murrow had warned about in 1958 when he said "This instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box."

Thanks to people like you, the video has gone "viral" spreading through the internet, and perhaps inspiring people to speak out against the media.

If you and/or your readers have the opportunity, we would appreciate it very much if you could go to the original video post on YouTube and RATE the video, post a COMMENT on the video, and FAVORITE the video. These actions will help the video earn YouTube "honors" which may help further promote the video online. (You can get to the YouTube site for the video by double clicking the video on your blog.)

The video is not an anti-Obama video, but rather a video against the media bias. No matter who one supports, this type of character assassination and sexism by the media should not be tolerated. However, for those who do support Hillary Clinton, a donation to her campaign, for those who can afford it, would be great. There is a donation link on YouTube. The donation link appears when you click "More info" that appears next to the video information "Added: April 06, 2008".

Thanks again for your post.

Mrs. G. said…
What has happened to Keith?
This actually made me cry. You don't have to be a Hillary supporter to see that what has and is being done to her because she's a woman is a crying shame.
Kareer Woman said…
Wow! The media has always been bias, but they have projected that more than ever through this political process.
Thank-you for this post.
Thank-you also for stopping by and commenting, I hope you'll return.
Mike Golch said…
where you see that I removed my comment,it was a duplicatin of the comment I had made,so I removed it some how I guess I hit the publish comment twice.OOPO
JCK said…
I could only watch about 3/4 of it. My stomach is churning. Thank you for posting it. I am outraged, sickened and will make sure I pass it on.
Sojourner said…
WOW!! That is a totally awesome video. I burst into tears at the end when Maya Angelou flashed onto the screen saying "Rise Hillary,rise!". WOW!!
Scout said…
Wow, thank you for posting this! We have all seen the snippets from day to day, but to have it all put in one place back to back really makes an impact. Very powerful.
phd in yogurtry said…
Jenn @ Juggling directed me to your video posting. Its outrageous but real and needs to be seen. Thanks for posting it.

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