Will it never end?

I am still struggling through the end of the semester.

For those of you who don't know, let me tell you what an idiot I really am. I teach composition full time (four sections) at our local satellite school. I also teach composition and literature part time (two sections) for an adult degree completion program at a local private university. Last summer, I took on a section of World Literature online, as well. Yes, my fellow university people, I had seven sections--two full time jobs plus.

Well, this term, a fellow teacher was unable to fulfill his commitment to the online classes he was assigned, and we didn't know until two weeks into the term. So when my dean contacted me in desperation, what was I to say? I do know the word no. I just don't seem to be able to say it.

So now, I'm teaching 9 sections, which a normal school would call three full time schedules. And most of those sections (7) are composition.

Are you getting a sense of my idiocy yet?

Of course, I'm not doing a good job at any of it.

So, I've decided this will not happen again. I am going to learn how to say no. I'm going to learn how to pass a "Help Wanted" sign without thinking about whether I can do that job. I am going to learn that I don't need to work every waking moment of the day in order to get by.

And, my in laws have been visiting for the last five weeks. Lovely people, both. I've had great fun. But god I need a quiet place in the woods for a week or so.

And just to update you folks. This is Joel:

Joel is the sweet gray cat who is interested in becoming friends.

This is Millie:

Millie is the stray who hates Joel and growls a lot. She is pretty, though, and sweet to people, so I have some hopes. But if anyone wants Millie for a one cat household. . .


I'm on the student side. Please be over soon.
Cheri said…
Oh, dear. Why don't you and Susan come and visit us here in sunny San Diego when it is over?

Let there be pools and margaritas and BBQs!
Rima said…
Hope you dig out from under it all soon!
Scout said…
It took me years to learn to say "no," and now I can say it quite heartlessly. I want the help of a composition professor—I suppose I should bother to ask.
Lisa Milton said…
I'm exhausted, just thinking about it.

Please take care.
Lisa Milton said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mike Golch said…
you have me all tierd out just reading about how busy you are.and ues I know the feeling of not being able to say no.
Mary Alice said…
Have you checked to see if someone tattooed "sucker" on your backside? The Dean must have seen something. Now your summer assignment: practice saying "NO" over and over again in the mirror!
Danger Panda said…
I have to believe that Millie will come around. She just needs some time. How do I know? I just do, that's all. I just do!
JCK said…
Well, I do believe, as I said in my email that you are quite the professor. However, 9 sections is A BIT extreme. Probably good to learn to voice NO. I am rooting for you!

And the cats. Too darling. Both of them. They'll just have to grow on each other. Love that name Millie!
apathy lounge said…
Full house here. Four cats, two dogs, a snake and a bearded dragon lizard. Only the snake and the lizard live indoors. Millie looks like a catch, though.
jenontheedge said…
Saying no is a very good thing and a hard skill to learn. Good luck with the learning process.
Nora Bee said…
Jeepers! Yes, no is a good thing. I think my father was doing about what you are (same job) when my mother threatened something. Then my father started saying no to things and I got to know him a bit.
Sojourner said…
When I was a young home health aide 60 hours a week of back breaking labor was not unheard of for me. No was very hard to learn- but believe me, at 50 I can say it with a gust of wind behind it. Now, I happily work 28 hours a week and make due with the income quite nicely.

Please learn to say no. I would miss you if you died of over-work.

Kitties- we have 2, 2 dogs and a Chinese water dragon lizard named Liz Bean. Millie is lovely though. And Joel is adorable.

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