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I heart Iowa.


Mike Golch said…
Works for me. I maintain that every one should be equal in the eyes of the law.and we are slowly getting there!
K. said…
Me too! I'm not sure I knew they had it in them, really.
Allmycke said…
Common sense prevails - one state at a time.
I do too. IT IS AWESOME THAT THIS RURAL STATE HAS SHOWN ITSELF TO BE A LOVING PLACE. And I like how you say you "heart" Iowa - appropriate, given that it's the so-called heartland. <3
Sunshine said…
I am so proud to be a born and bred Iowan, and would like to welcome you over anytime for good food and warm hugs!
Mrs. T said…
I knew we had it in us! I am so glad that the world now can see that we're not just a bunch of hicks who marry our cousins and pick our teeth with matchbooks.
Of all the places in the U.S., whouda thunk it?!
I totally heart Iowa. I hope Iowa teaches California a lesson.

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