More End of the Semester Fun

I was feeling blue after meeting with a student this morning. "Sally* dear, when there are no words in the essay written by you, it is called plagiarism."

But then this got sent around.

I want to take this class. I would especially enjoy week one, "Reading is Stoopid," because reading essays is stoopid.

But it beats digging ditches for a living (as my friend Pat likes to say).


fireweedroots said…
I'd like to take that course as well! But alas, I'll have to settle for a one-day course called "English for the Noughties" although I suspect we'll at least touch on some of the same things...
It kills me that students continue to steal other people's work. Must be frustrating.

It beats digging ditches, no doubt, but I'm sure it's exhausting some times of the year.
My essays aren't stoopid--neither are they plagiarized--but I've seen what you mean!
Nora said…
Well, I don't know. As the daughter of an English professor and the daughter-in-law of an excavator, there are things to be said for both. Those machines are AWESOME and the time outside is great..
Nora said…
Oh, and I just clicked through to that article--hysterical!

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