The Cutest Puppy in the World

Bess has been having the time of her life lately. Tanith and Wren have been visiting, and, while she loves them both, Tanith is Bess' BFF.

Indeed, I am going to have to double check to make sure Bess is in the yard when Tanith drives off for Big Bend and points beyond. I wouldn't put it past either one of them to pull a fast one on me.


Mike Golch said…
Oh no not a potential dognapping story in the making.
What a great pic--such strong colors.
Moontiger said…
If I were going to take your dog, I would do it to your face, not behind your back. Which I won't.

But I will miss her.
Professor J said…
I was thinking more of her stowing away than you taking her. Cuz she's going to miss you too! (So will I).
Cha Cha said…
Love that face!

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