Walk in the Park

Tanith, Susan, and I went for a walk today. I took seventy-one pictures, but I'm only going to share a few--for now.

The smell of cedar was overpowering. Not only were there many cedar trees in the park, but the park workers were spreading fresh cedar mulch over all of the paths.

The moth on these flowers would not open her wings--no matter how much I begged.

More sweet little flowers.

And here's a little guy who is fertilizing all those sweet little flowers.


Lovely flowers.

Yucky bug.
JCK said…
We have those black beetles here. It is Spring! Love the bark of the tree in the first picture.
Spring makes me grab my camera too. I'm so hungry for some color and new life.
Sojourner said…
I am with Cheri, there kiddo. Love the flowers, the bug, not so much. But hey! He/she has a job to do.
Professor J said…
You guys are lucky I didn't post a video of the bug. I have one, you know.

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