Teaching Empathy

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to read a short piece of writing by my young friend Stella (16 I think). It was a little thought experiment in which she explored the idea that plants might have feelings. I was really touched. Empathy is the one thing I think needs to be taught more often. People my age and older often fuss about politeness--but it is empathy that is the root of all good in this world, including politeness.

How does one teach empathy? Does it have to be done early in life? Is it something you are born with? I don't know. I'm just proud of Stella for being that kind of a girl.


Susan Carlin said…
Love that Stella. The world seems to be divided between empathetic helpers, those who can project their thoughts into the points of view of others, and more limited individuals who simply cannot see anything beyond themselves. Hmmm. Democrats and Republicans, perhaps.

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