Alamo Gala

Here are Susan and I at the Alamo Gala. We were there because Susan painted the lovely painting on the left for the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. It was a fun night. I really do enjoy history geeks.

There were two men in particular who were fun--a Texas History teacher named Kyle (pronounced Kal) from College Station, and the man who bought the painting at the auction: Bill. Now that was one cute man. I have never seen anybody so excited about a piece of art. He was as happy as a kid getting a bicycle for Christmas. He was especially excited because the painting contained Adina DeZavala and Clara Driscoll, the two women who saved the Alamo and founded the DRT. Theirs is a great story if you ever want to check it out. These women worked together, but Driscoll had some ideas about making the Alamo into a park (akin to Disney world?). DeZavala ended up camping out at the Alamo to block developers renting it! Despite its ending, theirs was an auspicious partnership, and I'm proud that Susan chose to bring them back into the picture (as it were)--reminding us all that two women are responsible for their being a building called the Alamo.

All in all, it was an exciting evening for Susan. The painting drew more money for the DRT than she had ever made on a painting, and she got a good deal of praise. Here's hoping that she made some important contacts, as well.


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