I have been furiously grading papers lately. Unfortunately, that adjective is stunningly appropriate these days. I caught another plagiarist yesterday or the day before. Hint to cheaters: freshmen writers rarely say things like "Prospero is an enigmatic protagonist" unless they are English majors. Of course, if it were only that sentence, I might not have caught it, but cheaters aren't the smartest people.

Another thing that gets me is the refusal to follow directions when writing a paper. I can't tell you how many papers I have read that are on a subject that does not come close to the assigned topic. I recently gave one student a 50 for putting words on a paper; but the fact that she did not write about the topic I assigned, did not use any kind of formatting (up to and including no name on the paper), and did not have a bibliography acted against her. Honestly--it's a little insulting.

Perhaps it's time for another walk in the woods.

Was I a more forgiving teacher when I ate chocolate everyday? (Probably not).


Susan Carlin said…
Walk in the woods, coming up.
Oh, and forgiving would not do the cheaters and the direction non-followers any favors. Obviously, no one's made them see the error of their ways up to this point, so this is another chance for them to get real consquences for stealing and skating. It's a good thing. Put on your walking shoes, Sweets.
Groove Momma said…
I took an online class last year, and was shocked to read some passages "written" by two students that were straight from the net. Where is the integrity??

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