"I am playing with myself,
I am playing with the world's soul,
I am the dialogue between myself and el espiritu del mundo.
I change myself, I change the world."

Gloria AnzaldĂșa

29 October, 2007

Tonight We're Going to Party Like it's 1699

My friend Mark threw a party Friday night--it was great fun.

Here are Mark and his lovely bride, Leigh.

Susan and I were the old women of the group--everyone else was in their twenties and thirties. Susan remembers one of the guests actually gasped when she mentioned she has a twenty-five year-old daughter. We dressed like aging hippies. The costumes may be a little brighter than our daily attire, but the label is fitting . . .
Susan wishes I were taller. She says that our pictures always look like she is saying, "And here is my little friend, Karen." I won't wear heels, but maybe next time I'll bring a little platform to stand on.

There were many fun costumes and interesting people. There was a capitalist pig--in a black suit with a Starbucks cup, a brief case, and a pink nose and ears--and a woman with babies of many nations pinned to her outfit (Angelina Jolie). But, of course, my favorite people at the party didn't have much to say.


Kristy said...

Puppies! Dressed up! Cute!

(danger panda)

Mrs. G. said...

You two are a couple of groovy chicks...looks like a fun party.