When Life Gives you Lemonade

In response to my last post, many of you kind readers mentioned that I was good at bouncing back from adversity, landing on my feet, making lemonade, etc. While I like to take credit for emotional strength whenever possible, I would like to posit another possible scenario.

At the beginning of 2007, my work was not making me happy. I took pride in it, and I loved my students, but I did not enjoy supervising other people, and my dean had made it clear she wanted change, but every change I suggested was shot down. I just did not feel I was getting the support I needed.

And so, two days (TWO DAYS, dear readers) before my meeting with the dean, I went to a large box-shaped book store and purchased these two books.

Did I know that the dean was going to let me go? Perhaps. I wasn't exactly surprised when she told me.

But, as the result of many conversations with Susan, I have come up with some alternatives to that line of thought.

Because I was unhappy, because I was thinking about different jobs, because I wanted to be more creative,

the universe gave me what I asked for. An opportunity to think about what I really wanted to do and to claim it.

It is true that I was offered teaching jobs just DAYS after deciding that I wanted to remain a teacher.

So perhaps that is reality. Perhaps I asked for what I wanted, and I got it.

Of course, that doesn't mean that I didn't feel rejected, sad, angry, and bitter for much of the rest of the semester, but the idea that I had something to do with the changes did help me to weather them.


BOSSY said…
Wait - there are actual jobs for English Majors? Someone should have told Bossy this *years* ago.
mental mosaic said…
I like your attitude, Prof J. Just look at the title you gave this post: "When life gives you lemonade."

Most folks say, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

You, however, expect the Universe to do the squeezing (and sweetening) for you!

With an outlook like that, how can you go wrong? Hehe! ;)

Happy 2008!!!
Good point....maybe you willed the change yourself. I definitely think that's a possibility.

Either way - a change for the good, no?

Julie Pippert said…
I agree, good point and possible.

But also...I get something akin to the dodgy sugar shakes when I get too close to too much new age Secret sort of mentality.

Because I have been trying for a while for work...believe you me, I am as open as one can be to any great opportunities coming my way.

And I don't just sit on my keister. I try.

So the flip side to "want it...believe it will come...read the right books and it will find you..." implies a little bit of "you're not asking enough or right or aren't open enough or aren't deserving" or something along those lines. That troubles me a bit.

But again, I do think you make a good point and agree it's good to open up to a little more.

Using My Words
Professor J said…
Good point, Julie!

It is kind of like the people who claim that "God will heal you if you only believe enough." Then it is YOU who are at fault if you still die of cancer.

Sorry. I never meant to imply that.

Sometimes I'm just lucky.
Anonymous said…
Attitude is such an integral part, and I do think you create your own reality, but sometimes the universe throws a spin our way for us to manage and make the most of, using synchronicity, if you will; you were so ready to break free of that other orbit (your pic is guiding my metaphor!), et voila.
Of course, it could have been that you were crazy lucky, but I rather think you created it.
Organic Mama said…
Blogger is a pain. I am anonymous, no longer!
Rima said…
Sounds like the stars were aligned. I'm glad that things worked out, or, rather, that you made it happen.

English majors RAAAAAAWK! It took me about seven years, but I eventually found my career niche, too.
Mary Alice said…
I think it is all about being open.
-Deep thoughts from a sleepy woman!
Mrs. G. said…
I think I could benefit from reading that first book. And I had no idea Susan had a blog. Well now that I know, I think I had better head over there and bug her.
Saucy said…
I always say, when life gives you lemons, put them in your bra. Attitude helps. Good luck!
Mary Alice said…
Professor J - just an FYI, you got a perfect post award http://suburbanturmoil.blogspot.com
Sharon said…
Professor J, good luck on your new endevors! Your positive attitude is wonderful!
Grandy said…
Great outlook!! As I stated in the previous post...you are pretty resilient. Don't downplay the role you've played, fine lady, in your own outcome. ;)
Mike Golch said…
You are right when live gives you lemmons......I have been a survivor of different jobs even what I thought would be careers the USAF, a Corrections Officer,A parts clerk for sears,a realitor the USAF and being at sears were disapointments,being a C/O was great and I really enjoyed being a realtor untill have seizures made me stop.Now I just sit at home and explore the world via the "net. Mike Golch

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