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I just looked at the news to see this announcement on the BBC website. The title of the article: Edwards to Quit White House Race.


I recently talked to a young (27 or so) friend of mine who said that he really got interested in the last two elections, and four years ago he had his heart broken, so he just didn't think he would care about politics quite as much anymore.

I told him that my first presidential election was Jimmy Carter losing to Ronald Reagan. I told him that I had become accustomed to getting my heart broken on a regular basis. I told him that a true democrat was something like an Aggie: faithful in the midst of crushing and regular defeat.

But the truth is, I still don't get it. John Edwards is handsome, intelligent, concerned about human beings, and he has a kick-ass wife. His ideas are progressive, and he (as is said about Sen. Obama) appeals to the better angels of our being. I know that sometimes he got a little heated, and I wasn't always nuts about the way he jumped on the anti-Clinton bandwagon, but he is a good, good man.

And he can't win.

His loss is our loss.

Okay, Senators Obama and Clinton: show me what you've got.


First Richardson, now Edwards. Sigh.
Melanie said…
I know. I've been sad about Edwards since he got hosed out of a party nomination four years ago. I believe with all my hear that he could have beat Bush.

"I told him that a true democrat was something like an Aggie: faithful in the midst of crushing and regular defeat."

Funny! And so painfully true.
we_be_toys said…
I am a faithful Democrat, and it broke my heart too, the election between St. Jimmy of Carter and that actor with dementia. I'm even from NC, but I gotta say, John Edwards has never blown my skirt up. I can't put my finger on it; maybe its the lack a real track record; maybe its the too close resemblence to past governor Jim Hunt (it's like he was cloned or somethng); I don't know. I just know I don't get a secure feeling when he open his unctuous, oozing mouth. I wish I could say there was a Democratic hopeful I was truly enamoured of, but the pickings have been slim. I like Hillary, but I don't like her flip-flopping, and I know she pisses a lot of people off, so I'm afraid she's going to be a losing horse, which leaves us with Barack Obama. Can he do it? Will this country vote a black man into office? He sounds good, he SEEMS sane, but who knows? Stay tuned....
Julie Pippert said…
Absolutely---it is our loss. I agree that it's a perplexing loss, too.

People have gotten too safe, maybe, due to too much trauma and fear from He Who Must Not Be Named.

I will be watching more closely, the other two. They didn't have my support before, for good reason, and now I shall have to find good reason to get behind one of them.
JCK said…
I'm sorry that your heart was broken again. I like John Edwards. A lot. Most of all for his convictions and standing for what he believes in. Well, it doesn't hurt that he's a hottie. But, seriously, I think because he stands for his beliefs and his beliefs are less moderate - strong left on some issues, people can't vote for him. Sad, but true. Most people are probably somewhat in the middle.

I've enjoyed the race so far. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead. John Edwards brought a lot to the game. I hope he sticks around.
a beaverhausen said…
The sheer number of people in this country who were willing to kick this man for things like expensive haircuts and a wife who might be terminally ill just goes to show how shallow we really are. Edwards was/is a good man and I really had high hopes for him. However, I'm looking toward the possibility that his early removal also makes him a "cleaner" (no baggage) possibility for running mate status. Make no bones about it, our attempts to elect a woman or a man of color to replace the idiot we have now will be an UPHILL BATTLE...regardless of how atrocious Bush has been. Hillary bears too much baggage from her husband's Presidency (Those who would crucify her for not leaving him and those who would now do the same for sticking around. And though I don't condone Bill's philandering, I fail to see how a series of blowjobs can be held up as more threatening to national security than the cronyistic, evangelical-pandering, warm-mongering ministrations of the current moron in office) Obama has less bad karma to haul around and he'd best be thinking hard about smart choices for a VP. Edwards would be a good place to start.
a beaverhausen said…
war-mongering. sorry.
Hopefully he can still play a part in a future cabinet?

Laura said…
Hi Professor J -- I was saddened to see that Edwards had quit, too. I think my daughter put her finger on it when she said that Edwards is a "Linton", and people want a "Heathcliff". For whatever reason, they do.

So who brings Heathcliff? Hillary or Obama?
Claire B. said…
I agree, and I don't get it and I was very surprised today. I don't even know where to go from here. McCain is really going strong and that scares the hell out of me. I'm hearing Dems interviewed on NPR who don't like Clinton or Obama who plan to vote for McCain (if and when he gets the nomination etc).

And your first vote was mine too. We are old, sister! :-0

And anastasia, are you reading my mind or what? I completely agree with you.
Sojourner said…
Arrgghh! I was just getting behind this guy! And it is VERY scarey to hear that Democrats are talking about voting for McCain! I don't know who I will vote for now- but DEFINITELY not MCCain. Lots of good good comments. Also, I think I got to vote in the election Jimmy Carter won. I must've. But, I too, have had my heart broken too many times to think about too. The cost of being American and believing that it really is a democratic process?
Lisa Milton said…
I'm there too - disappointed.

I hope the Edwards can now focus on their family. I still worry about Elizabeth and those small kids.

And I'm waiting to see where we go from here...
I think that for many Democrats the opportunity to make a huge change, in the form of electing either a woman or a black man, was very enticing. I think John Edwards was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Mrs. G. said…
I'm not done weeping yet and when I am, I am voting for a girl just because she is a girl.
captain corky said…
Edwards should wait a while before he tries again, and I don't understand why people don't like him either.
Organic Mama said…
This is my FIRST presidential election, being a fairly new American, and I'm a bit flabbergasted by the circus of Clinton and Obamaa and how Edwards couldn't keep up. He wasn't my candidate, but he's a decent guy with a good message, but I could never shake the disapproval of his intention when his wife is dying of cancer.
Now please let a DEM win!
Mary Alice said…
I, like Mrs G., am not finished yet with my mourning period.

I will go with Obama now....because he has a unique capacity to unite and inspire. It IS time for a new generation of politics...it IS time for change.

As much as I would love to have "a girl" as president, I personally don't think Hillary is "THE girl" I feel badly for her, her spouse is too much baggage and I think it would be very difficult for her to govern with a former President telling her what he would do every morning at the breakfast table. Even if Bill wasn't doing that....which by the way I don't believe is possible, they ARE human....even IF he wasn't, the whispers behind Hillary’s back about who was actually governing would impede her effectiveness as a leader.

We as a nation, may well be ready for a woman President, but I don't think we are ready for a president who is married to a former president. Just my humble opinion.
Mrs. G. said…
I came back over here this morning to check on my ramblings, because, frankly, I drank way too much last night and should not have been posting opinions on anything other than the tartness of the lime in my second gin & tonic.

Mary Alice is so right. I don't know if Hilary is "the" girl or not...she IS laden with baggage and she is a lot of more of the same. And she doesn't INSPIRE me like Edwards though I do think she is capable and intelligent. But as I watch her be judged under such different standards (hair, voice, weight, tone, clothing) I feel like it's my duty to put a woman in the White House so that there is proof that it can be done. That a woman can be president.

The truth is, politically, I am a mess right now. I really thought Edwards would go much further, because he's the real deal. And I have a hangover.
Cheri said…
Although I hadn't case my vote quite yet, I will nonetheless mourn the loss. I will be watching Obama and Clinton closely too -- and I'm leaning toward the girl's team. I agree with Mrs. G. and Mary Alice and think that Hillary indeed carries baggage, don't they all? Don't we all? And as far as handling Bill, well, well, I think he'd be more of an asset than an impediment, in spite of himself.
I liked that he was a straight talker and wasn't afraid to put himself out there on unpopular subjects. Sad to see him out too.
Hi Professor J -

I'm right there with you!!

My 2P (that's Pence in England)... the media pushed him under the bus. They didn't give him a fair chance at all.

So now we're down to two celebrity candidates. Both are so similar, IMO.

Oh well. I'll give either one of them my support just to get the Repukes out of the White House.

My only consolation is that I believe that we need to concentrate on getting more progressive congresspeople and senators in office and not worry so much about the Executive branch at the moment.
supertiff said…
i'm very sad to see him go, but still excited to see what's to come.
Mike Golch said…
Well I'm going to show my age my first election I participated in whs when Nixon was elected.I was in the USAF and voted use ing an absentee ballot.
Oh by the way your making my blog roll of honor. for two reasons you have a great site and you left comments on one or two of my posts.
Peggy Sez.. said…
John just didn't "work it" as well as the other two.I think bossy (i am bossy) is on to something go over and have yourself a laugh. ;p
supertiff said…
in unrelated news, you have won a prize from my giveaway. stop by and see!
PunditMom said…
"His loss is our loss."

Agreed. Now what do we do??

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