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Anastasia Beaverhausen asked her readers to add her new site to their blog rolls if they hadn't done so already. I read and obey. But while I was there, I realized that there are several blogs I read everyday that haven't made it to the blog roll. So, I've updated the roll. I may still need to add you--Let me know if you've been left out, will you?

ALSO a student from my developmental writing class stayed after class until I got my things together and walked with me as far as the library building--JUST TO TALK! I am so happy. Happy, happy, happy. I shall dance and sing.


Rima said…
I'm glad that Developmental Writing is getting better.

And thanks for adding me. I've added you, too!
Hooray! Did you do the Charlie Brown Dance?
Lisa Milton said…
Let the dancing continue...
Sounds like the class is getting really good now :)

Julie Pippert said…
That's progress! You reached at least one. That's success!

I'd like a little super special crown icon or something next to my name in the Blogroll. (KIDDING! Thanks for including me. My own roll is ridiculously out of date. I justify this by citing my reader and my impending move to my own domain. LOL)
Misty said…
How wonderful!!! This is a huge development!
Peggy Sez.. said…
Teaching the unteachable..Reaching the unreachable..One kid at a time!

I think I should pursue a career in inspirational slogan writng..Or not..LOL..You may sing and dance now. ;p
we_be_toys said…
I'm so glad at least one student has come around - I bet it won't be long before more do. I mean, come on, you gave them Dave - the man who wrote one of the funniest pieces on teaching a writing class!
I want to sign up for your class!
Melanie said…
Congrats! Well done, you.
K. said…
Hurray! (I just knew this was a Dead Poet's Society moment.)
captain corky said…
Nice! Try the moonwalk, I think it's still in style. ;)
Tui said…
Ciao Professor! I like the new look over here. I'm working on a revamp over at my place, too... I'll let you know when I unveil it!

Doing a happy dance in Italy for ya! :)
Mary Alice said…
Just to talk? Ahhhh success!
JCK said…
Yeah, yeah, YEAH! on the just talking. Very cool!
Talking with students who like being around you. I know that just had to feel good.
Professor J - Well, Professor Matron needed to read this. Just this morning, while on my run, I was fretting about my problem college writing course. It's not a developmental (those are unique) but it's required. And I can tell that if I don't interject something exciting, it's going to get BORING. The fault is mine--I needed a slightly more interactive structure and smaller, more rapid assignments. Anyway, these kids sit looking at me like I just landed from the moon. No connection. It's almost as if they don't trust me and they're just waiting to see how mean I can be. Very tough room to crack.

It was helpful and comforting to read about your course. We all 'em, these challenges.

Good luck!! Hope they keep walking and talking and the ranks increase.
Professor J said…
Thanks, Professor Matron! These challenging courses are there to keep us feeling alive, I guess. I know this experience has made me rethink my pedagogy. I agree. Smaller, more rapid assignments are quite helpful. I tried to email you, but no link on your page. I love your blog!
Claire B. said…
I'm so excited to hear this! Great news, indeed. It's interesting to realize how much I've been thinking about your class.

And thanks for adding me to your blog roll!
Yay for students who have that kind of interest. And for teachers who are so willing to make themselves available.

I just realized the same about my blogroll -- that it needed to be cleaned out and updated. I'll have to put it on my list of quarterly things to do, like changing the smoke detector batteries. :)

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