Presidential Quiz

I was listening to the developer of this quiz on Talk of the Nation yesterday afternoon, and then I got the link from The Domestic Goddess.
85% Mike Gravel
83% Dennis Kucinich
73% John Edwards
69% Barack Obama
67% Chris Dodd
66% Joe Biden
64% Hillary Clinton
59% Bill Richardson
26% Rudy Giuliani
25% Ron Paul
23% John McCain
16% Mike Huckabee
16% Mitt Romney
16% Tom Tancredo
6% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz


Mrs. G. said…
You are a pure blooded Democrat.
Mary Alice said…
Hummm. That was interesting. My John Edwards still came out on top.

59% John Edwards
58% Mike Gravel
55% Dennis Kucinich
55% Bill Richardson
53% John McCain
52% Hillary Clinton
50% Mitt Romney
50% Fred Thompson
49% Joe Biden
49% Chris Dodd
49% Barack Obama
47% Mike Huckabee
39% Tom Tancredo
38% Ron Paul
31% Rudy Giuliani
Mike Golch said…
I took the test and John edwards came out of the dems and rudy giuliani came out on top or the repubs. These were my highest and I will not state my policital preference.
I woild like to know how to put this test on my blog though.
if some one could help I will be greatful.
JCK said…
Very fun, thanks for the link.
Melanie said…
Wow. No love for Fred Thompson, huh?

How surprising.
Mark A. said…
That would be much more useful if at the end the results also explained where you deviated from the particular candidates. I'm closer aligned to Dodd than Obama? Fine. Explain why.

And yes, I suppose I could do my own research, but that'd pretty much be work, and I'm not at all in favor of that.

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