Another Link: For South Texans

If you're anywhere near San Antonio tomorrow, I would like to invite you to the grand opening of Susan's Gallery.

We'll have food, music, and, of course, art. I'll be the one pouring wine, refilling the trays, and generally looking like she wishes she were better in crowds. Do stop by and say hello!


Sunshine said…
I would love to anywhere, ANYWHERE near San Antonio, to go to a fabulous gallery or run down the street naked in much warmer temperatures.
BOSSY said…
You had Bossy at food (and music) (and art.) Too bad it would require a plane ticket.
I can't be there :(

But I just visited her website and blog. Really lovely.

Have a carrot stick for me (I saw you're on WW) and a one-point glass of white wine!

Have fun.
Rima said…
How exciting! It would take me probably a week to get there by car, though. I hope it goes swimmingly!!!
Cheri said…
Sounds wonderful. Wish I could go . . .
Have a great time!

I looked at her website and the photo of the door is just so welcoming and friendly.
Congratulations . . . if it wasn't for the 1,000 + miles . . .
Mrs. G. said…
We're all excited and rooting for Susan's huge success.
Ginaagain said…
How exciting! I wish I was close enough to visit. I love what I have seen of her work.
Mary Alice said…
I wish I could be there, I would help you refill the glasses and carry the trays. Have fun and tell us all about it. - oh and don't forget to take pictures.
I would love to come by tomorrow...or any other day.

I've never been to Texas. I'd love to visit one day. I have a lot of friends there...all over. I hear it's a big place. ;-)
Professor J said…


Well, we have a guest room for you and yours anytime, Jozet.
Professor J said…
Oh, and Kim! I lost 6.6 pounds last week! w00t! But for the wine, I have to go with the two point red. I'm just not a white wine kind of gal.
anne said…
Texas, huh?

Well...I could pick up a goat or two and write it off as a business trip...

Best of luck to Susan. I'm sure it will be a great success.
That is a GREAT photo of Susan.

Hope it all goes well...please take pictures to share with those of us too far away from South Texas.


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