Grand Opening!

We had the most beautiful day for the opening! It was sunny and warm (in the seventies), and we had a wonderful turn out. The above picture is one of the few minutes I was able to spend with Susan--basically, I grabbed her from out of a group of women and asked one of them to take our picture. I'm always thinking of you, bloggy friends. Aren't we cute in our orange shirts?

The walk in crowd was substantial. It was a gorgeous day and there were three conventions in town. And, we had these guys. . .

Susan hired these two lovely men to play music. They are both established local musicians who often play with Jim Cullum ("Live from the Riverwalk" for you NPR listeners). They played a bunch of jazz standards, and they pulled the people in from all over La Villita.

We also had many people from the arts community and a few of our friends stop in to wish Susan well. She felt loved and affirmed, I believe, which is worth a great deal.

And, I got two offers for catering parties--so I guess the refreshments went off well. Thanks for your good thoughts, friends!


Thanks for prioritizing your bloggy friends and getting these pictures up right away. They tell the story of a great day! I'm glad everything went so well.


PS: Re-reading the comments from last post - congrats on that *amazing* weight loss!
Julie Pippert said…
Hey looks fabulous, all of it and you guys too! Congrats. I'm so glad it went well.

Oh also was talking up Susan's talent and wondered if you could reshare the link to her Webgallery? MIL is interested in looking and she actually does buy art.
Sounds like a magical day for both of you.
Mrs. G. said…
You two look beautiful. I'm glad it was a wonderful day.
Claire B. said…
Congratulations! And thanks for sharing. How happy you look.

Big hugs~
Cheri said…
The hers and hers shirts are great! Glad it was a success.
Sojourner said…
Nice pics. Glad the opening went well.
Lisa Milton said…
70 degrees and orange shirts? Color me jealous.
we_be_toys said…
So glad you both had a good time in Texas - the orange shirts were a nice touch!
anne said…
I'm glad it was a success!
Hooray! And I must say, the two of you look like you belong together, like peanut butter & jelly.
JCK said…
Glad it went so well!
Mike Golch said…
glad to see that you really enjoyed your self.I truely hope that you are haveing a great day!
K. said…
What a beautiful couple! I'm so happy the day was a success!

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