"I am playing with myself,
I am playing with the world's soul,
I am the dialogue between myself and el espiritu del mundo.
I change myself, I change the world."

Gloria AnzaldĂșa

24 November, 2007

Saturday Poem: Robert Burns


He was a gash an' faithful tyke
As ever lap a sheugh or dyke.
His honest, sonsie, bawns'nt face
Ay gat him friends in ilka place;
His breast was white, his tousie back
Weel clad wi' coat o' glossy black;
His gawsie tail, wi' upward curl.
Hung owre his hurdles wi' a swirl.

gash: wise
lap a sheugh: leap a ditch
sonsie, baws'nt: sweet face with a white stripe
tousie: rumpled
gawsie: handsome
hurdies: hips


wordgirl said...

My father-in-law is a huge Robert Burns fan. In fact, his last name is contained in the poem "Tam O' Shanter", being that it's a form of a common Scottish term.

Anonymous said...

Great poem...is that your pup?

Mrs. G.

Jozet at Halushki said...

Wonderful poem. Beautiful dog.

Thank you for the glossary. I needed it.

Saucy said...

We grew up listening to Robbie Burns. My mother is a fanatical Scot who celebrates RB Day every January. My father is a tireless romantic who brings her gifts and a poem every year on that day.

heid said...

lovely poem. Gorgeous collie! (don't tell Bran I said that)